Image Courtesy of John Bamber, Bamber Photography

Every morning I wake up grateful I get to do something I love

Photography is inspirational to me. It has a special place of meaning in each of us. The thrill of seeking out that precise moment in time when all the elements come together never gets old. 

I started the "photographer life" in 2008 with an engagement session and a few weddings. It clicked immediately and by 2009 I had made it my full time job. I photographed weddings, families, couples, and events until 2012.

In 2011, our lovely family moved to the Chattanooga area. During the process of both selling and buying a home, I decided to launch a new branch of business focused on real estate photography. With immediate success, I committed full throttle and became an exclusive real estate / architectural / interior photographer.

We've experienced many seasons of this now. I'm so fortunate to shoot for the best real estate agents, designers, contractors, stagers, and homeowners in our area!

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