Real Estate Listing Shoot Terms & Conditions

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS ARE THE COPYRIGHT OF THE STUDIO. This agreement does not transfer copyright to the client. If Philip Slowiak Photography discovers that someone is infringing on its copyright, client agrees to cooperate in stopping the infringement.

If any third party asks Client for any of Client’s rights to the Work, Client agrees to refer them to Studio. If Studio agrees to allow others to use the Work an additional licensing fee may be required. 

Client agrees that the rights to use the Work have been granted only to Client. Client agrees not to transfer, assign, resell, or sublicense rights to Work, to anyone without Studio’s written permission. 

Client shall not remove, delete, or otherwise alter Photographer’s copyright or license information contained in, on, or related to any of the data or metadata of the work. Additionally, Client shall not edit or modify the images delivered by Studio under any circumstance without Studio's consent.

Studio is hired by Client for the purpose of producing Work to be used both in print and online to market and advertise a specific real estate listing. Any other commercial use of Work is prohibited, and requires payment of a usage fee as determined by Studio.

The grant of any rights under this Agreement shall occur upon delivery of Work to Client. Studio reserves the right to cancel any and all rights received by Client upon delivery of Work if full payment of the final invoice.

Studio archives high-resolution .JPG copies of all Work delivered to Client. Studio keeps camera RAW files for 2 weeks following the shoot. Two weeks after the shoot, studio discards all camera RAW files. If Client decides a revision is necessary, the request must be brought to Studio's attention within 14 days of delivery. If a request is made after this time period, Studio agrees to consider the situation, but may not be able to fully carry out the revision.

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