Rental Property Photoshoot Terms & Conditions

Studio is hired by Client for the purpose of producing images and/or 3d virtual reality content that may be used commercially both in print and online for advertising and marketing the rental property identified above as “Assignment.” Usage rights to still images are not subject to time and do not expire.

Studio shall be the sole owner of all copyrights for any images or digital content produced for the Assignment.

These rights shall only vest in the person(s) or entity(ies) listed as the “Client” above, and said rights shall not be transferable to any third parties, or assigns of Client.

Client agrees not to share these image files or download links with any third party expressing interest in them, but agrees to refer them to Studio so that proper usage rights, fees, and download links may be set up.

In the event that Client permits the usage of the images created for Assignment, or allows their misappropriation by third parties p outside of the express scope of this Agreement, Client shall be required to pay to Studio the shoot fees and usage fees associated with said misappropriation.

The grant of any rights under this Agreement shall occur only upon full payment of the final invoice for the Assignment.

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